Ottawa Personal Training

Fitness and Functional Assessments


Before you begin with a Fitquest strength and conditioning coach, we strongly suggest you participate in a thorough fitness and/or assessment. Through these assessments, we can:

  • learn about you and your specific fitness needs and goals
  • establish your strengths and weaknesses
  • determine how our extensive experience and evidence-based approach to sports performance training can work to your benefit
  • create a customized action plan

Fitness Assessment

This process includes performing a number of tests and recording measurements such as: body composition (body fat and weight), strength, stability, and endurance. These tests will be specific to your needs and will allow your personal trainer to properly design and prescribe an effective personal training program for you.

Functional Assessment

This form of assessment allows us to blueprint your body and develop fitness or sports performance training program customized to your needs. The assessment will incorporate various mobility, symmetry, and muscle testing as well as other natural movement and stability screens.

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