Athlete Development Programs



Fitquest’s athlete development programs are built for athletes ages 13-18 years who want to improve athletic ability in their chosen sport. We offer athletic sports performance training for athletes in hockey, figure skating, volleyball, skiing, baseball, tennis, soccer and many other sports. Through our athlete training programs, young athletes work to improve specific elements of their performance.


Full memberships, punch cards, and individual session are available.

Be a competitor. Talk to us today to learn more about our evidence- and experience-based approach to young athlete training.

Athlete Screening: Prior to enrollment in a young athlete development program, each athlete is required to submit a needs assessment. Once we have reviewed the assessment, a Fitquest strength and conditioning coach will schedule a complimentary trial training session. This session is required to ensure there is a fit between the young athlete and Fitquest. A functional or fitness assessment may also be required during the first training session.