Sport Fundamentals Program

As an organization that trains the “elite” of the elite athletes,  Fitquest lives by the philosophy that every athlete must have the ability to play all sports.  Chris Schwarz and his coaching staff would like to introduce their  “Fitquest Sport Fundamentals” program.  Designed to develop and challenge a young athletes fundamental and functional movement skills, this program will build on athleticism through specific and non-specific tasks and activities.  Each athlete will be challenged in athletic based skills such as: Jumping, Sprinting, Throwing/Catching, Gymnastics and Multi-planar movement.  These sessions will include fundamental topics such as: Nutrition, Sleep, Warm up, and more.

This program was created by Chris Schwarz to follow-up from his article in the Ottawa Sun – “Senators strength coach alarmed over declining youth athletic skills “.

Check back for upcoming sessions for this 6 week Sports Fundamentals training program, or contact Evan Swire at for more information regarding this program.