Personal Coaching

Here are the types of personal coaching that we offer:

Exercise Reconditioning

Getting you back into the game

Exercise Reconditioning is for anyone who has suffered an injury and and is experiencing difficulties returning to the activities or sports they enjoy the most. Our coaches work progressively, building towards previously set goals using specific corrective and adaptive exercises. Often, we achieve a client’s goals by collaborating with a qualified physical therapist or other health professional.


Young Athlete Sports Performance

All-around athletic development for 10-18 year-olds

Young Athlete Sports Performance is for focused athletes seeking the proper way to build their bodies and support their all around athletic performance and development. We first assess each athlete, setting specific and realistic goals. We then begin to coach and train using proven specific science fundamentals and practices.


Adult Sports Performance

Reach your ultimate performance level

Adult Sports Performance is similar to our young athlete coaching in that we support clients that are seeking to improve and/or sustain their performance in a specific sport or activity. As with all our personal coaching, we must first assess the needs and goals of each client before implementing our proven specific sport science methodologies.