Personal Coaching

Fitquest’s Personal Coaching services are designed to TRAIN and COACH each client to help reach their individual goals. Fitquest’s clients range from individuals who are seeking to kick start their health and fitness to elite professional athletes wishing to excel in their sport.
We also offer online coaching programs for our off-site clients. LEARN ABOUT ONLINE PROGRAMS


We offer age-specific and sport-specific programs over the summer, after-school, or on weekends.
Space is limited and reserved for focused athletes.

Team & Group Training

In small groups (3-6) or larger groups (7+), we determine the groups needs and focus on:
• Specific Sport Performance
• Overall Health and Athleticism

Performance Health

We offer services that include:
• Physical Therapy Services
Massage Therapy services
• Nutritional Services
• Corporate Health services

"Fitness and Performance for Life"

At Fitquest, we have over 20 years of experience in providing successful services to clients ranging from Professional Athletes to individuals looking to reach their individual fitness goals. We have a unique blend of science, experience and coaching that our Founder Chris Schwarz has incorporated into all our programs and protocols. Our coaches have extensive education and experience in Athlete Development and Exercise Reconditioning. We are here to motivate, educate, and empower our clients.


Fitquest Coaches are trusted by individuals and sports teams alike to help achieve their individual goals. Our team has extensive education and experience in Strength & Conditioning coaching.